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Sea Clay Mask - A Must for Refreshing your Skin

Posted by Lisa Buteux on



This is seriously becoming my favorite facial product!  Truth be told, I never used a clay mask until recently.  I've heard others sing its praises, but didn't really get all the hooplah about it.  But, because it was such a popular item in facial care, I decided to research ingredients to formulate my own.  It had to be gentle and non-drying to delicate facial skin.  I wanted something that not only cleansed and refreshed, but also acted as a gentle exfoliant.  

This became the winning combination of ingredients for my Sea Clay Mask:

Kaolin Clay - the gentlest of clays and perfect for sensitive skin

Sea Clay - rich in minerals, it absorbs excess oil and gently sloughs off dead skin, leaving your skin feeling fresh and renewed

Rhassoul Clay - rich in minerals, it absorbs dirt and oil while helping reduce dryness and flakiness

Bamboo Charcoal - gently cleans and leaves your skin feeling fresh and clear

Rosemary Powder - gently exfoliates for smooth, glowing skin

I recently visited a friend in NYC.  We spent a good amount of time walking around the city.  By the end of my two-day stay, the skin on my face felt so clogged and dirty!  I live in a more rural area, so I don't know how you city folk stand that assault to your skin on a daily basis!  Sea Clay Mask to the rescue!  I could not wait to wash away that feeling on my face.  It felt soooo good to have fresh, glowing skin again!

Another really nice thing about a clay mask is that you can mix it with any liquid of your choice - honey, yogurt, coconut milk/goat's milk, floral water, to name a few.  I shake about 1/2 teaspoon onto my hand (about the size of a quarter) and slowly sprinkle water on top until a paste is formed. (I find that sprinkling it on one side of the clay and slowly working it in prevents it from becoming over watery)  Contrary to conventional thought on this, it is not beneficial to allow the mask to dry to the point that it begins to crack.  That causes too much pull on your skin.  Instead, rinse before it dries completely.

Seriously, if you have never tried a clay mask for your skin, you will be so happy you did!

Here is a recent review:

"I used this last night for the first time...I think I went a little heavy on the water, but the end result was wonderful. My face looked brighter and felt so much smoother afterwards. Definitely using this twice a week!"

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